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Wash-Pro Fine Material Washers

Fine material washers have been used successfully for many years to dewater, classify, and clean minerals.  While classification and washing do take place, their primary function is dewatering.  Material of minus 3/8” is fed into the pool area and is then conveyed up the inclined tub by the rotating screw.  This incline allows the water to drain down one side while the solids are continually fed up the tub until being discharged out of the top.  Single and double screw models are available.  Urethane wear shoes are standard, hard iron are optional.

Classification also takes place.  The Wash-Pro fine material washer is provided with adjustable weirs that can be raised or lowered to adjust the amount of fines carried over.  The Wash-Pro series can also be ordered with our double overflow (DO) design.  This design doubles the amount of available weir length giving the user more control of the desired cut size.

The third function is washing.  As the rotating screw conveys the material up the tub, a particle on particle action takes place.  This action helps to liberate fine clays and other coatings that are sticking to the particles.  Once liberated, they are washed over the weirs.

Factors to consider when purchasing a fine material washer are sieve analysis, tonnage, clay (-150 mesh) content, and total slurry.  Each of these will affect the final product that a FMW produces, so consult the factory or local sales representative before selecting yours.

Why purchase a Wash-Pro FMW?

  • Manufactured in the United States of America
  • Built-to-last construction with rugged drive components
  • Heavy duty tapered roller bearings.  Head bearing is flange mounted.  Tail bearing is pillow block type with shaft slinger for longer bearing life.
  • Double overflow design
  • Tub support is standard
  • Discharge chute is standard
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