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Scrub-Pro Coarse Material Washers

Coarse material washers are used to scrub crushed stone or gravel with the purpose of removing deleterious materials. Material of sizes between 3/8” and 2-1/2” are fed into the washer tub. Cleaning inside of the tub is accomplished by the attrition action of typically 4 sets of paddles and a number of spiral flights. As the paddles and flights liberate the deleterious materials (typically wood, trash, light clays) it is washed across the tub overflow by means of excess water. Because the paddles and flights are a bolt-on design, flights can be exchanged for paddles for extra scrubbing. Single and double shaft units are available.

3618 Coarse Screw

Why purchase a Scrub-Pro CMW?

  • Manufactured in the United States of America
  • Built-to-last construction with rugged drive components
  • Heavy duty tapered roller bearings. Head bearing is flange mounted. Tail bearing is pillow block type with shaft slinger for longer bearing life.
  • Flexibility in configuration
  • Tub support is standard
  • Discharge chute is standard


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