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Yield-Pro Rising Current Separator

The Yield-Pro rising current separator is a piece of equipment that will separate sand and other minerals based on particle size or specific gravity. This is done by a process that is referred to as ‘hindered settling’. When non-conglomerated particles are introduced into a body of water, each particle will have its own settling rate. In a static body of water, this would result in a stratified body of material when all particles came to rest. In the Yield-Pro separator, water is introduced and causes an upward rising current. This upward rising current captures finer particles and carries them over the weirs while the larger particles pass through the current and report to the pay-off valve.

In practice, the bed of material being introduced to the Yield-Pro is allowed to ‘thicken’ or become more dense before passing to the pay-off valve. This is done by means of our instrumentation. The thickening of the bed causes the particles to pack closer together, therefore decreasing the amount of area the water has to passing through. This decrease in area results in a more rapidly rising current, which allows fines to be carried over with the use of less water. The user will be able to adjust the density of the bed by means of a simple control. By adjusting the amount of water introduced and controlling the bed density, the user can easily maintain or change cut points with the push of a button. A typical range of separation that can be achieved with this equipment is 20 – 140 mesh.

All hindered settling devises work on basically the same principle. So what does our Yield-Pro have to offer that the others don’t?

  1. Met Pro offers a simplistic approach to the controls. Operating on less than 5 amps of AC voltage, our control system is literally ‘plug and play’. There are no proprietary components with every part being off-the-shelf and easily available.
  2. The Yield-Pro separator can be used with other equipment offered by Met Pro such as our cyclones, attrition scrubbers, or dewatering screens.
  3. Yield-Pro has the only spray pipe system available that can be changed without entering the vessel. Our spray bars are installed using a patented swedge sealing system that makes the pipes easy to access. Each pipe can be changed individually from the outside without putting workers in a dangerous environment.
  4. No external equipment is needed to operate the Yield-Pro. Other control systems require us of compressed air which needs to be dry and clean. An air compressor out of services means the competitor’s separator is out of service also.
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