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: Met Pro was contacted by a local sand producer and asked to bid on a project to improve an existing feed preparation plant. The customer had a sump in place of good design, but of inadequate size. The result of this was 1) Inconsistent feed rates to the main plant, 2) Extreme pump cavitation, and 3) Loss of good material to the sump overflow. The customer wanted a much larger sump, but one that would also fit within the confines of the prep plant. Met Pro was the successful bidder and was awarded the project.

: Met Pro worked with the customer’s designs and came up with a sump that would have a capacity of approximately 30,000 gallons to replace the original 12,000 gallon sump. The sump was shop fabricated in sections and then field-finished and installed.


Results: The customer reported an immediate increase in production of 16% and no pump cavitation.


Situation: A frac sand producer contacted Met Pro about how they could size frac sand more efficiently.  Their set up included a multi-deck vibrating screen having everything that passed through the bottom deck report to a classifying tank.  The tank would classify the sand, but not sharply and with a lot of waste.  The outcome was that a lot of sand was wasted and that the material that was to be dried contained a lot of fines (clay).  This clay caused issues with the drier and was a major contributor to screen plugging.

Solution: After reviewing the plant and visiting with the customer, a Met Pro Yield-Pro RCS70 was suggested.  The Yield-Pro was purchased and installed.  The screen underflow was then pumped through a Met Pro Stack-Pro dewatering cyclone for thickening and primary declay purposes.  The underflow of the Stack-Pro fed the Yield-Pro separator where rising current water and a teetered bed made the necessary cut point. 

Result: The outcome was a clean, very near-sized product that the customer could feed to their dry plant. Waste was virtually eliminated and production increased.

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